Winter 2019 Training Courses

We are pleased to announce open registration for two new courses in Clairvoyant Training and one in Remote Viewing!  All three programs are 12 weeks long, and run from January through April 2019. Spaces are limited, so you are encouraged to register as soon as possible! These three courses are all taught via online webinar* or teleseminar** by Debra Lynne Katz — an internationally-renowned author, professional clairvoyant, healer, medium and speaker.

Clairvoyant Training Program: Level 1:  Learn how to develop your clairvoyant abilities to levels never imagined! Learn how to read and heal yourself and others in this highly interactive, personalized teleseminar. [Detailed course info]

Clairvoyant Training Program: Level 2:  Continue your journey with additional clairvoyant reading & healing approaches and continued supervised practice. Prepare for professional practice.  [Detailed course info]

Remote Viewing Training Program:  Learn how to use clairvoyance & embodied consciousness to describe anything in the physical world – find lost objects, describe locations, people, photographs, & have fun! [Detailed course info]

See full course schedule for 2019, tuitions and pre-registration info.


The ISC Remote Viewing class is taught via webinar. ISC Webinars utilize an internet-based program allowing for constant interaction, communication, and participation by students, who will be able to see their instructor’s screen and occasionally share their own. A good internet connection, built in, or external headphones and microphone will be needed. Webcams will not be used because these can be distracting when one is doing intuitive based exercises.
** Clairvoyant Levels 1, 2 and 3 classes are taught through audio-only so students focus on the internal screen of their mind instead of on their computers. Students will dial into a phone number that is located in California and enter in an assigned pin number. They can use any type of phone, style or assigned web link, but will need to be hands free. The teleconferencing system allows for free communication, intensive interaction and participation by students through a unique set of audio features that make it possible for supervised practice with partners and smaller groups.