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Natalie Cormier, originally from Canada, is a level 3 Clairvoyant graduate. She has also completed Remote Viewing class, and has spent countless hours practicing outside of class, offering free readings on her spare time and has also been practicing on the Wednesday practice group. She is motivated in helping people in the best way that she can. She is currently working as a Registered Nurse and is offering readings on her days off. She caries her nursing skill into her readings, being honest, caring and compassionate. Natalie is also currently Debra’s assistant. She is also certified in level 2 Holy Fire Reiki, and Metatronian healings level 1, which are also offered. On her spare time, she is an athlete, having been a former University hockey player and has competed in sprint cycling, finishing 2nd in Canada. She became very interested in energy healing after working as a Registered Nurse. While she was seeing amazing results with traditional healing, she became interested in combining the two to have greater results.

To contact Natalie personally, please email her at or click  here to book a reading with her.

** NOTE: If no calendar time works, please contact Natalie directly and she will be more than happy to try to set up a time that works.**


An Energy Healing with Natalie consists of Metatronian Healing and Clairvoyant healing. Metatronian Healing is very evolutionary healing vibration and transformational system. That works on many levels not just the physical, emotional and mental bodies but much more. The Healing of heart, mind, body, muscles, tendons, the whole system is cleansed, re-balanced, allowing us to “live in a vessel (body) that is functioning at its most optimum level”. Removing any doubt and fear, giving us the freedom
to explore and move to where we truly need to be, to realize our life’s true soul purpose.

Metatronia Therapy® involves working with the individual, initially to find any emotional “blockages” and “issues” through short discussion and then working with gentle hands on healing that brings in light coded colors and shapes to balance the individual in all areas of their physical/generic make-up. Our life’s “stories” are scanned and healing begins on taking away any parts of our life’s Story that doesn’t serve us well. The healing is painless, very soothing and extremely relaxing. Aligning your blueprint, repairing your DNA and healing the Auric Field, raising your vibration to a higher level allowing for healing to take place on many levels.

The healing energy grounds us and stimulates our thought process, making our thought patterns positive, energized and uplifted. Helping us to think clearly and to feel very grounded. Bringing us to our soul purpose, what we were sent here to do/be. Allowing us to see who we truly are from the inside and this has a knock on effect with our whole

Metatronia Therapy® – Founder
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​Many people go about their day accumulating negative frequencies from others and their environment, so the opposite of healing is happening. While there are simple and powerful meditations one can do to heal themselves, and If you asked me, do you think it’s more important that I heal myself and learn to heal myself or that I receive healings from other healers? I would tell you in a heart beat, YES! YES AND YES AGAIN! YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF AND NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS! 

However, that being said, sometimes extra assistance, is needed. This is true especially when you are very depleted, overwhelmed and just dealing with too much to even go do and put into practice what you otherwise would do to heal yourself. Please know, a healer or a reader can only do so much. Ultimately, they just need to clear enough so you can get your own answer and heal your own self, and then after that just supplement these with outside help.

So whether you are brand new to healing or healing yourself, don’t be bashful! Natalie is happy to help.​


What is reasonable to expect is this: It will be intense, it will not waste your time, you will see and feel and experience results as far as being lifted to a higher vibration state, replacing outdated or limiting thoughts with enhanced creativity, passion, purpose and a stronger direction or acceptance of lack of direction and faith, if that is your path.  

Basically, these healings will help get you centered, grounded, back on track, releasing unhealthy and unhelpful energies that you may have accumulated recently, during this life time or beyond. The healings are meant to help you get your own life force, power and center back, and to help you transform according to your own path and plans.  Healing can also center on your relationships with other people, your relationships to your goals and your relationships between the various parts of your self.

If there is some energy that is causing you pain, discomfort and stress, that has not yet manifested so intensely on a physical level, a healing can often help alleviate these physical symptoms. It can complement any allopathic treatment you are receiving. Of course, it should not be used in place of consulting a medical professional. Medical advice or treatment is not given during a healing; rather a healing takes place first within the energy/spirit body and often makes its way to the physical.​


Natalie has been working as a Registered Nurse for over 4 years in a Cardiac Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department. She studied Holy Fire Reiki obtaining her level 2 practitioner and Recently got attuned to Metatronian Therapy. She has also studied and learned how to do Clairvoyant Healings through the International School of Clairvoyance. She is not currently offering Holy Fire Reiki Healings as she finds this to be more powerful and effective, however, if you would like a Holy Fire Reiki session, feel free to contact her.


“Natalie’s reading was wonderful! By the end of the reading I was calling her the Brililant Angel Nature Spirit. She was insightful and kind and went out of her way to fully answer my questions – she also gave me an out of this world bonus healing! I’ve never had a reading quite like it. Natalie is truly gifted. Thank you!” — Miss M

“I highly recommend Natalie’s readings.I have had a fair amount of readings in my life and Natalie’s blew me away with her accuracy, her easy-to-follow conversational style and her willingness to say things as they are 5 star!” — Amanda B.

“I had the privilege of working with Natalie who did a reading for me. Natalie’s talent is multi-faceted and she has incredible intuitive abilities. She was able to hone in on the issues affecting my life and relationships and offered helpful advice on how to deal with them going forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Natalie to any person who is looking for guidance in their life.” — Diane L.

“Natalie did a practice reading on me today. She delivered a detail reading in the most loving manner. Her confidence in probing for more information resulted in surprising and confirming revelations. I am convinced Natalie is ready for business:-)…”  — Annie C.

“Natalie is an amazing clairvoyant. She had done an extensive reading on me and my family and she was accurate on every point. She has amazing energy and you could really tell she cared about getting solutions to your problems. I would totally recommend doing a reading with Natalie.” — Michelle S.

Readings With Natalie